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SIGN-UPS to try to get on a 2024-2025 NWC Fall/Winter/SpringTeam.

If you are hoping to get your child (K-6th grade) placed on an NWC sport's team for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, this is a REQUIRED FORM. Filling out this survey does not guarantee your child a spot on an NWC team, but unless this survey is filled out, the Athletic Department does not know we need to try to get your child placed on a team.

The NWC Athletic Department creates as many teams as possible for our K-6th kids.  We place kids on a team in the order of the date that families fill out this survey.  If we are not able to create an NWC team for any reason (couldn't find a coach or not enough players), we ALWAYS let families know in plenty of time so they can sign their child up individually with a community organization.   The good news is that most of the time, we can create teams for the kids.  We love being able to keep our kids together as an NWC community.

Since NWCS does not have an elementary league, the NWCS Athletic Department helps form teams each season, finds as many coaches as we can, and guides coaches and families on how to register as a team through the league that best fits that team's needs.

Once you complete the survey below and submit it, our process of organizing teams has begun, and you should receive a confirmation email of your sign-up!  You may not see the confirmation email for a few minutes.  If you DO NOT receive this email confirmation, please let us know.

Eventually, you will need to keep your eye out for EMAIL COMMUNICATION from Rosie McLain with your next steps.  If your child has a spot on an NWCS team, you will need to RESPOND to the email sent by Rosie McLain asking for you to confirm that your child still wants a spot on the team.

After you confirm that your child wants to be on the team, you will be given specific instructions on how to register on the team.  Please wait for instruction from Rosie so we are sure you are being placed on our NWC.

Fall Sports:

  • XC     (K-6th)
  • Girls Volleyball  (4th-6th)
  • Boys Flag Football  (1st-6th)


 Winter Sports: 

  • Girls Basketball  (K-6th)   
  • Boys Basketball  (K-6th)   


Spring Sports:    

  • Girls Soccer      (K-6th)
  • Boys Soccer      (K-6th)
  • Baseball            (K-6th)   
  • Softball             (K-6th)
  • Track                 (K-6th)